Congratulations! You’ve started your own company! Or maybe you have been plugging away at your project, and you’re happy with how it’s been going, but you’ve had an Oprah Winfrey “Aha!” moment and decided that THIS is the year you’re going to stop playing small.

I can recall the day I went off on my own like it was yesterday. I remember standing in my home office on that first morning, hyperventilating, and asking myself, “What. Have. You. Done?”.  I had just walked away from a lucrative corporate job because I wanted to do more and I wanted to BE more than my job was allowing. I knew in my heart that I was destined for more. And you are too!

That first morning, I turned on The Black Eyed Peas, “I Gotta Feeling”, began dancing and realized everything was going to be OK. After all, I was starting my own marketing agency, and if there was anything I DID know was how to launch brands. I just had to launch my own now. No pressure.  And it wasn’t easy. I had 2 little babies who were pretty demanding, as all babies are. Oh, and did I mention that I started my company at the peak of the recession?

I get it. You’re nervous.

Or scared. Or confused. Or worried. But you got this! You took a leap of faith, and with great risk comes great rewards. You’ve already taken the initiative to learn how to spread the word about your new venture! So don’t worry. Every little thing’s going to be alright.

When I started my own agency, my “Why” was helping business owners like me. Those brave and bold enough to go off on their own and BUILD something. In those early days, when businesses were shutting their doors or cutting back on advertising because they were hit hard by the recession, I proposed that they give marketing a shot and see what happens. I wanted to help them. And it worked!  Before long, I didn’t have time for dancing to The Black Eyed Peas. I had to get to work. And girl was I busy!

I found that I couldn’t keep up with the demand and I had to turn away clients, and it hurt my heart to say “no”. It was only me and a couple part-time helpers or interns and I only had so much bandwidth. I realized that for every project I said “Yes” to, I had to say “No” to something else. And in most cases, I was putting myself and my family on the back burner. But believe me when I tell you that it was hard. My goal from day one was to help the small business owner, and I seriously worried about the people who I turned down. Seriously.

So I got smart. And I knew I could teach smart cookies like you to market your own brand. After all, no one knows YOUR businesses better than YOU! I just had to share my tools, tips, and tricks to help you do it on your own. And nothing would make me happier than to empower you to grow your brand all by yourself!  And don’t worry, because I promise to share everything I know AND make it easy for you to be the Chief Marketing Officer of YOU, Inc.!