I recently sat down with Nikki Oden, host of the Love Your Mom Life Podcast.

In this episode of the Love Your Mom Life podcast, marketing guru, Barbara Gobbi of BG Marketing, shares with Nikki her journey from corporate employee to booming business owner while raising four kids.

From fear to limiting beliefs to time blocking and more, Barbara and Nikki dive in to what it takes to turn a  small side hustle into a thriving business, and how it’s ok to start over and pivot no matter where you are in your career or how old you are.  Tune in to hear all about it, and how Barbara’s tips can actually apply to any mom life—including yours.

Listen to the episode HERE

If you haven’t heard her podcast yet, you NEED to add this one to your playlist!

Here’s what to expect from this gem!

How often do you say to yourself, “I love my mom life?” A lot, hopefully! If, on the other hand, you sometimes feel like motherhood is one never-ending ride on the Hot Mess Express, you’re not alone, girlfriend. Being a mom is hard. And being a mom with goals and dreams is even harder. Harmonizing what you want to do as a woman with everything you have to do as a mom is a challenge every mother faces. But the truth is, with some intention, planning and a whole lot of grace, you can create what you want to experience in life, love and motherhood. Tune in to the Love Your Mom Life podcast every Wednesday with Nikki Oden, a working mother of 2 (and recovering Hot Mess Express passenger), as we explore ways to take back your time, crush your goals and create a mom life you absolutely love. And be sure to connect on FB (www.facebook.com/youridealmomlife) and Insta (@NikkiOden) and visit us at www.youridealmomlife.com.