How well do you know your customer? Have you defined a niche audience?

There’s a huge benefit to getting to know your perfect customer on a deeper level: LOYALTY.

Lately, I’ve received several random gifts in the mail from brands that I’m pretty loyal to. The first one was a gift card from DSW saying they “missed me” (or at least that’s how I interpreted this gesture). I’ve been working from home since the beginning of the pandemic, and I have not been wearing or buying, as many shoes as I used to. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. So DSW did a very smart thing to get my attention (I’m a sucker for gift cards). They delivered a beautiful promotional piece with a letter from their CEO and included an opportunity for me to start shopping again. Bravo, DSW!

Another gift I got in the mail was from FabFitFun. This subscription box service sends me curated items quarterly. You can pay each quarter, or pay annually and save a little dough on the annual price. My account was recently renewed for the annual subscription so they sent me a “thank you” gift. There are a lot of subscription box companies out there, and I’m sure they appreciated that I renewed for a year. In my gift box was a necklace, champagne glasses, and a few other little trinkets. When my husband saw me open these items, he said, “Wow! They sure do know you.”

EXACTLY! That’s the power of knowing your Perfect Customer! When you understand them on a deeper level and know them so well, you can curate a gift that they will love (and tell their friends about).

Since receiving these gifts from DSW and Fab Fit Fun, I’ve told many people about this marketing strategy, and now I’m writing a blog about it thus, converting me from a customer to a brand ambassador. You can’t buy that kind of exposure with an ad campaign. And for just $25, DSW’s message has reached dozens of my friends. And now…you.

Knowing your perfect customer not only helps you create marketing campaigns that meet them where they’re at, but you will also be able to speak their language. It will enable you to anticipate their needs, reward their loyalty, and in turn convert them to brand advocates.

We have clients who ask us to “find influencers” who will talk about their product or service. But what if we treated all of our clients like influencers? What if we reached out to them, send them a preemptive “thank you”, and because we surprised and delighted them, they can’t help but spread the good word about your brand? Does this make them your brand ambassadors? Why, yes! Real brand ambassadors with real experience sharing to the world how your brand touched them in a personal way. These kinds of brand ambassadors attract further ideal customers such as their friends, family, and people within their social circle. Just that one, a small act of thank you to your customers, in turn, creates a ripple effect for your brand. You would want to attract ideal customers that will genuinely like your brand, right?

I recently sent a pretty comprehensive assessment to a test group of my customers. I wanted to learn more about them and what they are struggling with. If you haven’t done this exercise in a while, I recommend you complete the Perfect Customer worksheet. Get to know your customers better so that you can continue to surprise and delight them. The result will be less frustration and confusion from you trying to figure out the best way to reach your perfect customer, and in return, you just might find they’re a little more loyal to you.

Now, let me ask you again this: How well do you know your customers?

Discover Your Perfect Customer