Tips, Tactics and Strategies 

While it’s true, that if you want your business to be a success, you do need to put in the work and you can’t “dabble” in your business. But this “hustle culture” philosophy comes with a cost.

There’s a huge benefit to getting to know your dream customer on a deeper level: LOYALTY. How well do you know your customers?

If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes posting content on social media you no doubt have dreamed of “going viral”. And while we can’t plan for these moments, there are things we can do to help boost the virality of a post.

Knowing and understanding your customers will help you to reach them when and where they are. Let’s define your Ideal Customer Avatar!

How do you define your brand? Your brand is your voice, defining who you are and who you stand for, in addition to your logo, colors, and fonts.

I was once told I didn’t have a “real” job. As someone who owns a business or has a side hustle, how do you know when it’s a “real” business, or when it’s just a hobby?

If you haven’t embraced online marketing, don’t fret. It’s not too late. Here are my latest Facebook and Instagram tips!

Research shows that when people write down their goals regularly, they are 42% more likely to achieve them. But one step that’s often overlooked is creating an actionable plan.

In social media marketing, visual assets in posts ensure 94% more views than one without. Here’s how to make your social media posts stand out so viewers will stop the scroll.

From fear to limiting beliefs to time blocking and more, Barbara and Nikki dive in to what it takes to turn a  small side hustle into a thriving business, and how it’s ok to start over and pivot no matter where you are in your career or how old you are.

Voices of the Goddess is a podcast where we support modern day women in developing their powers and acquiring the tools they need to achieve all their desires.

I recently sat down with Andrea Hammer, host of Your Life Program, to talk all things marketing, finding your ideal customer and the one thing business owners are missing when building their brand.